k.Rajendran, Granite Business

I purchased Pajero Sport though Pandyan cars. My entire experience was very positive. Prabu was excellent to work with me and immediately done the name transfer process.

Gubendran-Agriculture Business

Thank you so much for helping us buy our Tata Safari. we didn't have to waste any time wandering around the lot trying to make a decision. Prabu was also very nice and till now maintain good relationship with me. He was completed all the process with in a day. I really felt comfortable during the whole process.

மனிதத்தேனீ இரா. சொக்கலிங்கம், காங்கிரஸ் கட்சி

பிரபு தொழில் பக்தியும், உதவும் மனப்பான்மையும் கொண்டவர். அவரது வார்த்தைகளில் நாநயமும், நாணயமும் உண்டு

நந்தீஸ்வரர், தொழிலதிபர்

வாழ்விலும், தொழிலும் உண்மை, நேர்மை, சத்தியம் உள்ள நான் கண்ட மனிதர்களில் இவரும் ஒருவர். விசாலமான மனம் கொண்டவர்

Moses - Businessman

We had a great experience purchasing our car through Pandyan Cars. It was so nice being able to look variety of cars at your showroom. We were treated wonderfully.The level of quality, honesty and care for their customers is outstanding. Thanks for everything!

kandasamy - Saravana Stores

I was very happy with your professionalism throughout the buying process and made buying a vehicle a great, stress free experience.overall I'm very satisfied and have surely recommended you to anyone looking for a vehicle in the future.